Online DOT Hazardous Materials Training

This 7 Hour Web-based Course is a detailed review of the provisions of The Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials Requirements (HMR) of 49 CFR 100-185.  It is designed to instruct employees in the requirements of the HMR as they pertain to offering hazardous materials including hazardous waste for highway shipment. Employees who require this training would include those who have a role in preparing hazardous materials for shipment, otherwise known as "hazmat employees."  Those roles may include any or all of the following:  identifying and classifying hazardous materials for profiling hazardous wastes, selecting or preparing packagings, labeling or marking packagings, and reviewing or preparing shipping papers (bills of lading or hazardous waste manifests).
This course has been designed to assist offerors of hazardous materials in meeting the mandatory training requirements of 49 CFR 172.700-704.  At a minimum, DOT hazardous materials training is required every 3 years.
This training includes the following agenda items:

  • Shipper's Responsibilities
  • Administrative Requirements
  • Classification, Packing Group Assignment, and Naming of Hazardous Materials
  • Use of the Hazardous Materials table
  • Exceptions and Special Permits
  • General Packaging and Authorization Requirements
  • UN-Specification Packaging Standards
  • Proper Application of Markings and Hazard Labels
  • Placarding Requirements
  • Proper Completion of Shipping Papers
  • Loading and Unloading

First User: $499
2 through 5 Users: $399/person
6 or more Users: $299/person

Price: $499.00